Ganesh Ghee & Oil Manufacturer Since 1959.

Welcome To Ganesh Ghee

Ganesh Ghee, since our incorporation in 1959, has made its foothold quite strong in manufacturing pure cow ghee in standardized method. Ganesh Ghee is known for its consistency in taste and purity over the past 50 years and our cow ghee’s quality is incomparable. With 69+ years of standardized producing methods and delivering pure cow ghee, we are a part of every kitchen.


Ganesh ghee procures butter from leading dairies all over India, the raw material goes through our stringent lab test before manufacturing ghee.


We have a good distribution network all over Tamilnadu and Kerala. We supply to over 300+ leading wholesalers and our distributors directly.


65+ years of experience in manufacturing ghee is our key strength. Our brand is trusted by our distributors and customers.


Traditional of Kangeyam

Right from melting butter to packing the cow ghee in bottles and tins, every step of the way is completely hands-free. In the years of our expertise in producing pure cow ghee, we have adapted modern technologies in our preparation methods. We may have left the traditional methods behind, but not the ghee’s quality and purity.